EBlimp is an RC Blimp engineering company committed to excellence through craftsmanship. We use the highest quality materials to produce blimps based on designs obtained from 20 years of iteration. We offer products that competitors simply do not provide including solar powered blimps and mounted LED jumbo trons, and we're continuing to iterate on an RC Blimp Autopilot. We otherwise offer standard packages that are typically used for advertising or aerial surveillance.

Our previous work includes the 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show, concert performances with artists such as R. Kelly, and even prototypes for a venture-backed startup. Custom solutions are delivered on a per client basis, and any additional questions not covered here can be answered with a simple phone call.

Indoor Blimps

Indoor blimps are available for purchase or rental. These offer a more cost effective option for indoor events that typically won't subject your dirigible to harsher elements.

Outdoor Blimps

Our most popular product available for purchase or rental. Outdoor blimps are made with more durable and robust material and can fit a variety of needs.

Aerial Camera Systems

Our camera systems range from the most cost effective $50 to high end HD live broadcasting systems. Systems can include brushless camera gimbals with remote camera controls

Tethered Blimps

Up to 135 ft tether. A simple and cost effective solution for marketing and surveying.

Custom Shapes

We can make custom blimps shaped to your specifications. Check out our YouTube channel to see some of our previous projects.

Advanced Components

We're more than just an RC blimp company. We've designed and built long endurance solar powered blimps, light-weight jumbotrons that can be flown and accept composite video input, and we're working to create the only RC Blimp autopilot module on the market.


We've worked with countless clients from advertising agencies to event coordinators to geological surveyors to performing artists. Here's just a handful of testimonials offered by some of those individuals.