Why Blimp Make Perfect Marketing Platforms

June 22, 2017

RC Blimp inside stadium

Airframe types serve distinct purposes for different applications. Airships have become a rare subset of aircraft that are rarely seen or even conceptualized. For commercial applications, the speed and cheap cost of fuel have made fixed wing aircraft the canonical choice for passenger and cargo flight. The agility, nimbleness, and hovering capabilities of a helicopter have made it the tool of choice for a number of applications ranging from power line inspections to medical evacuations. Airships, meanwhile, are large, slow, and by definition subject to the mercy of the wind, making their general rarity a predictable outcome. However, those same attributes that would be seen as cons in conventional aircraft applications turn into perfect properties in different contexts. The slow flight, large surface area, and prolonged endurance make blimps the perfect aerial platform for advertising and videography. While videography is a fairly niche application, marketing and advertising benefits any business, and therefore we’ll focus on highlighting those attributes.

Advertising Costs

We’ll begin with the constraint of every business and assume at this point for the sake of argument that blimps make effective advertising tools. Conventional mediums for advertising space, unless your business is extremely niche, will be expensive regardless of advertising medium because of the competitive nature of advertising. The distinction with the purchase of a drone is that you can physically own an advertising medium (you could even turn this into its own business!). Otherwise, Facebook, Google, TV, and billboard ads, just to name a few, require you to pay someone else to advertise on your behalf, leaving you subject to the prices dictated by market forces. A blimp would be a one-time purchase, which, as expensive as they may be, are comparatively cheaper than owning other advertising medium (alternatives may include branding on vehicles, a storefront, or a billboard).

The Uncompetitive Airspace

We live in a time where drones are both cost effective and technically capable of a great many things, but their popularity is only in its infancy. Moreover, the subset of drones that we care about that are capable of legitimately advertising, RC Blimps, are extremely rare sights. Consider, then, that if you decided to advertise using a blimp, you have exactly zero competition in getting attention from onlookers because your logo can be displayed hundreds of feet in the air behind a backdrop of clear skies (or maybe it’s cloudy, but that’s okay too). At this point, people have become accustomed to conventional advertisements and therefore more likely to ignore those advertisements altogether. But a large blimp you can see from the sky is impossible to ignore, and until society gets to the point depicted in dystopian sci-fi movies with blimps and skyscrapers co-existing, those advertisements delivered through airships will remain effective.

Coupon Droppers

A professional marketer will do everything within his or her power to track the conversions and effectiveness of their advertisements. For this purpose, we offer add-ons to include coupon droppers that can be remotely activated. While this may seem trivial, this delivery mechanism achieves subtle, yet phenomenal outcomes. Completely cold, it would not be possible to simply hand out coupons to individuals within a group of people and at the same time have them be receptive to your approach. Conversely, dropping coupons, or prizes, from a blimp is a nostalgic return to the joys of grabbing candy from a piƱata as a child. The positive reactions that play out are commonplace during the events we participate in.

Blimps Are Paradoxical

In nature, bags filled with hydrogen or helium simply do not exist. The way in which airships fly defies conventional behavior seen in nature. Something so big, moving so slow, should not be capable of remaining aloft. And yet, they do. And therefore, it grabs and holds the attention of onlookers. Children and adults alike are captivated by the iconic aircraft that were once hailed as the future of aviation in the early 20th century. And, oh, look, there’s your logo. Everyone is staring at it for seconds or even minutes at a time.

Market Anywhere

Owning an RC Blimp provides you with the capability to fly, and therefore market, anywhere you want. Once in flight, your mobility is still only constrained by your line of sight. An airship empowers you with the ability to move to your audience at any time or even easily experiment with different locations.

Billboards On Steroids

The way in which blimps advertise can be understood by comparing them to billboards. Although advertisements are displayed and consumed in basically identical fashions, the effectiveness of the message and the receptiveness of the viewer become completely different when ads are delivered using a blimp. Consider that if you were interested in billboard advertising how much more appealing that option would be if that billboard were 400 feet tall. And, the billboard moves and forces the eye draw of onlookers. If a conventional advertising medium is effective enough to be as commonplace as it remains, the exemplary qualities a blimp offers are well worth considering.

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