Prototyping Work with Egan Airships

September 17, 2017

Egan Airships Plimp

Our conventional history as an RC Blimp company branched out into a unique contract with Egan Airships. EBlimp provided feedback and production of a proposed hybrid airship design intended to mitigate conventional risks associated with fixed-wing drone flight.

An introduction of the said design is on display above.

Hybrid Airship Manufacturing

The final production aircraft for this project was built entirely to custom specifications. Initial analysis, prototype production, flight testing, and then building a final production aircraft about 30 feet long all occurred within six months. The design from Egan Airships provides a quintessential example of our ability to take a project from idea to production. With a budget in place, we can build any experimental aircraft under 55 lbs as per the regulations set forth by the FAA.

While fixed-wing aircraft are deservedly more ubiquitous than the blimps we advertise, the increasing popularity of drones introduces contextually new use cases that enable the possibility of disruption that will be manifested in the form of unconventional aircraft. Buoyant force as a component of aircraft design is often overlooked, but where it is appropriate, we offer unparalleled expertise.

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