Rc Blimps Prototyping

October 13, 2017

Optimizing Custom Built Blimps

A common question that’s asked is whether or not we take on custom projects. The answer is an emphatic yes! Roughly 75% of our business is sourced from custom requirements. The very nature of use cases that airships satisfy practically demands custom work. Indoor or outdoor operation, temperature variance, payload requirements, and endurance requirements enumerate only a subset of considerations when crafting a blimp, and the possible permutations from only those dimensions already creates dozens of eventual output designs.

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What Would $1 million worth of RC Blimps Look Like?

The Seen RC Blimps with the Unseen Potential Airships have historically been associated with wealthy benefactors, whether from governments or from large companies. It becomes interesting to consider that no large players have seriously dabbled in airship sponsorship in what is now almost a century ago. It’s then worth highlighting the disconnect between what is seen of RC blimps today and in particular with our own company and what we would be comfortable to define what is in the realm of possibility given a large budget.

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Prototyping Work with Egan Airships

Our conventional history as an RC Blimp company branched out into a unique contract with Egan Airships. EBlimp provided feedback and production of a proposed hybrid airship design intended to mitigate conventional risks associated with fixed-wing drone flight. An introduction of the said design is on display above. Hybrid Airship Manufacturing The final production aircraft for this project was built entirely to custom specifications. Initial analysis, prototype production, flight testing, and then building a final production aircraft about 30 feet long all occurred within six months.

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